Redhill Archers

7th OPEN Double ‘Vegas 300’ Tournament 


Two Rounds of 30 Arrows  |  A round of the Garrington Cup


Sunday, 3rd March 2024


Wythall Park, Silver St, nr Birmingham, B47 6LZ

Start Time

10am / 1:30pm

7th Open Double ‘Vegas 300’ Tournament

Round: Vegas 300 x2 
Date Sunday 3rd March 2024
Judge Mr Andrew Stanford
Lord Paramount Jack Middleton
Shooting There will be 4 archers per boss shooting in two details. Ends will consist of 3 arrows in 2 minutes. The judge’s decision is final. Foam bosses. Please note that all bow styles will shoot on a triangular Vegas 3 spot face
Sighters Session A: 10:00 AM (Doors open: 9:15 AM), Session B: 13:30 (Doors open: 12:45 PM)
Dress code Archery GB regulation 307 will apply
Refreshments Tea, coffee and cake will be available throughout the day
Music There will be a music playlist running through the shoot
Parking Please note that minimal car parking charges will apply if parking before 12pm (vouchers no longer available)
Photography Those wishing to take photographs must sign the register with the tournament organiser before the shoot commences
Entries To

Mrs Linda Haines, Langfield, Lenchwick, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4TG

Mobile: 07787346550

Entry Fee £10.00.
Bank Transfer: Redhill Archers, Sort Code 40-11-15, A/N 31199765.
Payment by bank transfer, please use the reference “Vegas”.
No refunds after 18th February 2024.
Closing Date

25th February 2024.

As there will be a maximum of only 20 archers per session, this shoot will be on a first come first serve basis. A notice will be published on the website if the shoot becomes full. A waiting list will operate if this is the case.

Awards Awards will be presented according to entry.
Target List and Results Please enclose either email address or 2 SAE. Documents will also be published on our website
Data Protection Data Protection Notice: When you enter competitions the following information may be collected and shared with tournament organisers, scoring systems and other competitors for example target lists and results may be published: First Name, Surname, Gender, Bow style, Date of Birth / Age category, Email, Address, Phone number, Club (and ID), County (and ID), Region (and ID), Round (unless defined by age), Disabled (Y/N), Disability info.
Tournament Organiser Elizabeth Whitworth, 07905816512


409A. Regulations for the Vegas 300 Round
(a) The Rules of Target Archery- Indoor shall apply except as in the following paragraphs.
(b) Target Face. The target face is a 40cm triple triangular face as defined in 401 and can have any colour background.
(c) Range layout. Each boss shall hold four faces.
(d) Shooting.

(i) Rule 304(b )(ii) (rotation) shall not apply.
(ii) The first group of two archers shall shoot at the lower targets and the second group
at the higher targets. When all archers have shot 15 arrows those who have been
shooting at the lower targets shall change to the higher targets and those who have
been shooting at the higher targets shall shoot at the lower targets.
(iii) Each end will be of three arrows in two minutes. Timing will be by method 2 as per AGB rules of
shooting, Rule 304. Two (2) practice ends of2 minutes will be shot.
(iv) Arrows of maximum 10.7mm diameter may be used for this round only.
Note numbered arrows DO NOT HAVE TO BE SHOT IN ORDER i.e. No 1 arrow does not have to be in no 1
face etc.

( e) Scoring.

(i) The scoring zones on the target face will be from 10-6.
(ii) Any arrow hitting the smaller centre circle within the 10 ring shall score as an X, but count as a 10.
(iii) Rule 404 (a) does NOT apply for scoring.
(iv) Score totals need to include score, number of lO’s and number of x’s.
(v) Tied scores will be decided in the following order: – Score – Number of l0’s – Number of x’s